Preclinical Study

An in vivo study conducted by University of Wisconsin, USA showed that BioPerine® significantly improved the bioavailability of Resveratrol by 229% and the maximum serum concentration (Cmax) was increased by 1544%.

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Clinical Study

Sixteen healthy young adults were recruited in a study, wherein effects of resveratrol and piperine supplementation in combination with exercise training on skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity was evaluated.

The volunteers were given pills containing placebo or resveratrol (500 mg) + BioPerine® (10 mg) combination for 4 weeks. All participants performed 3 sessions of sub-maximal endurance training of the wrist flexor muscles of the non-dominant arm every week. The contra-lateral arm served as an untrained control.

Study results suggested that combination group showed significant changes in mitochondrial capacity from baseline to post-testing (40 % increase) (∆k=0.58, p=0.001) and also compared with placebo (p<0.05) at week 4.

Overall, supplementation with resveratrol and BioPerine® combination might be helpful in enhancing forearm skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity during low-intensity exercise training.

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About Sabinsa

Sabinsa Corporation is a manufacturer, supplier and marketer of herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals, minerals, dietary supplements and specialty fine chemicals for the nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.
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