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Possible Mechanisms
Vitamin B6
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BioPerine® and CoQ10


Co Q10 - PHARMACOKINETIC EVALUATION unique difficulties

* Slow absorption from GI tract
* Enterohepatic recycling
* Endogenous Co Q10 production



X0 : Gastrointestinal compartment
X1 : Plasma chylomicrons and the tissues where rapid distribution can take place
X2 : Liver
X3 : VLDL and tissues which are rapidly accessible to Co Q10

Plasma concentration of Co Q10 = X1 + X3

Pharmacokinetics of Coenzyme Q10. The increase in blood levels following a single oral intake of
Coenzyme Q10 (90 mg) with and without BioPerine® (5mg)

Absolute change in serum Coenzyme Q10 after 14 days supplementation
of Coenzyme Q10 (90mg/day) with and without BioPerine® (5mg/day)

Effect of Bioperine® on serum CoQ10 levels during a 21 day supplementation trial.

Mean serum CoQ10 AUC values following supplementation of 120 mg of CoQ10 with and without 5 mg of BioPerine®


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